Are letters of recommendation required?

Yes.  As part of the Miami University Graduate School application you will be prompted to provide the names, institutions, and email addresses for a minimum of two references who have agreed to submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf in support of your Graduate School application.  The application will allow you to list the name and e-mail address of a third reference, but only two letters of recommendation are required to complete your application package.

Once you have submitted your Graduate School application and paid the application fee, an automated email containing a direct link to the recommendation system will be generated and sent to each of your references.  When your references login, they will access an applicant-specific recommendation form that is pre-populated with your name, email address, and target degree, and they will be prompted to:

• share their contact details and information on how they know you;
• rate you on a series of characteristics and attributes; and
• upload a letter of recommendation.

To check on the status of a letter of recommendation, you may login to your student application portal and select "Manage your Account." You will see your recommenders' names listed and their status.