Can I apply to both the AIP and the GFP (Global Field Program)? If so, what are the steps?

Yes!  If you would like to be considered for admission to both the Advanced Inquiry Program and the Global Field Program, please:

1. Complete a pre-application for each program (Step 1 on the AIP "Apply" webpage and the GFP "Apply" webpage).
2. Create and complete two accounts in “My Project Dragonfly” using the program-specific links in Step 2 on the AIP "Apply" webpage and the GFP "Apply" webpage. You will need to use two different e-mail addresses, one for each account.
3. Send an email message to stating that it is your intention to apply to both programs.  Please also share with us which program would be your first choice.

NOTE: You do NOT need to complete two Graduate School applications (Step 3 on each "Apply" page); a single application will suffice since both degree options (MA in Biology and MAT in the Biological Sciences) are available through both the AIP and the GFP.