Can I transfer an iDiscovery course into the AIP?

Yes.  One previous iDiscovery course (up to 3 credit hours) may be transferred towards your master's. This course will replace one of the two advanced seminars in the program (Issues in Biodiversity or Issues in Evolution). Also, for these credits to be considered toward your degree, you must have:

1) been accepted to the master's program.

2) participated in the AIP for at least one semester.

3) received a grade of “B” or better in your transferred course.

4) taken the course within 5 years of your projected graduation date for the master’s.

5) completed the Request to Dragonfly Graduate Committee form.

Note: Only one iDiscovery course may be transferred toward your master's. No more than 7 total credit hours can be transferred into the AIP. Categories may not be combined.