Welcome to the Advanced Inquiry Program

Program Description

The Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) offers a ground-breaking online graduate degree in affiliation with some of the nation's premiere community and learning institutions. AIP students share ideas and develop projects with fellow students and faculty nationwide via web-based learning communities while also engaging in experiential learning onsite at affiliated AIP Master Institutions. AIP Master's candidates use inquiry not only as a tool for integrated learning, but as a powerful agent for student achievement, public engagement, and ecological stewardship. AIP students join an unprecedented national collaboration committed to social and ecological change. AIP Master's candidates also have the option to integrate international field study into their coursework by choosing from Earth Expeditions courses in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas (7 credits from Earth Expeditions courses can count toward the AIP Master's degree).

The AIP is based on the principle that education should extend beyond the classroom, and that students should make a difference--not just after graduation, but now, as a basic function of education itself.  The AIP curriculum provides real-world experiences that advance district, state, and national educational standards through research-based practices for student achievement in core content areas. The AIP builds on the participatory education approaches of Miami University's Project Dragonfly, which reaches millions of people each year through inquiry-driven programs, public exhibits, and graduate courses worldwide. AIP Master's students practice the skills of investigation, critical reflection, leadership, and collaboration required to effectively address the vital issues of our time.

AIP Master Institutions

Chicago Chicago Zoological Society--Brookfield Zoo (Visit Site)
Cincinnati Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden (Visit Site)
Cleveland Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (Visit Site)
Denver Denver Zoo (Visit Site)
Phoenix Phoenix Zoo (Visit Site)
San Diego San Diego Zoo Global (Visit Site)
New York Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo (Visit Site)
Seattle Woodland Park Zoo (Visit Site)



Enrollment is open to applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree--regardless of academic major or profession--and who are able to travel to an AIP Master Institution, currently located in Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, New York, Phoenix, San Diego and Seattle. Coursework occurs online with experiential learning at affiliated institutions.

The AIP Master’s can be completed part-time while working. It’s designed for educators and a broad range of professionals from non-profit, business, and government settings.

Degree Options

Applicants elect to enroll in either a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree in the Biological Sciences or a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Biology (see Program Details). MA and MAT candidates go through the Advanced Inquiry Program together.

Miami University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (please see http://miamioh.edu/oue/accreditation/).

Note: Some courses, for example the Earth Expeditions courses, can be taken for stand-alone graduate credit outside the degree program.  Additionally, select courses at AIP Master Institutions can be taken for stand-alone graduate credit and may also count toward the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) Professional Development Certificate Program (see FAQ's for further information)


Accepted until February 28 each year for enrollment in the subsequent summer.

More Information

Contact: aip_masters@miamioh.edu